Pilates Studio in Edmonton Integration Pilates Studios opened its downtown location in 2000, and is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the Pilates Method, which has been a highly effective form of exercise and rehabilitation therapy for over fifty years. With our fully equipped studio and highly qualified instructors, we provide the highest standard of Pilates instruction available.

We address the whole body by incorporating the traditional Pilates repertoire with elements of yoga, core fitness training and rehabilitation therapy. Our repertoire is continuously updated to incorporate the latest information on the science of exercise.

There are 2 major streams that we offer at the studios:

Mat classes
Group Mat classes teach our blend of Pilates plus, on the mat as well as using smaller equipment to provide variety and versatility. We offer variety of levels to accomodate all fitness capabilities.

Personalised Programs
These work in the form of Open Workouts in small groups and in Private Sessions which use the full range of Pilates equipment with spring weight resistance.

Integration’s instructors are fully certified, highly trained and thoroughly experienced in both the Equipment and Matwork. They continue to build their knowledge of Pilates and related therapeutic modalities. They are able to work with clients who suffer injuries and chronic conditions, as well as those in top physical condition.

How do I get started? Equipment or Mat?
Whether you start your Pilates program with a Personalised Program using the Equipment or Mat classes depends on your needs or circumstances.

Ideally, a Pilates program combines regular workouts of both Equipment and Matwork. So whichever program you begin with, you should consider eventually combining Equipment with Mat classes.

Mat Classes
If you have never done Pilates before and want to see if it is right for you, we recommend starting with a mat class, provided that you have no restrictive injuries or conditions. The matwork is a solid core workout, and teaches you material that you can use anywhere, anytime. Our blend of Pilates plus includes workouts on the ball, stability roller, fitness circle and resistance band.

Our mat classes generally run in twelve-week sessions, and include several levels to suit all levels of ability and fitness.

Clients with injuries should speak with their instructors about exercise modifications.

Which level is right for me?
Introductory: Level I
For those who have had little to no experience with either Pilates or yoga. All the crucial foundations of the matwork are set up here.

Beginner: Level II
For those who have had experience with either Pilates or Yoga, and/or who are extremely fit, body aware and can start at a higher level. This class is a good workout while still relatively accessable to all.

Intermediate: Level III
For those with a solid background in Pilates and who enjoy a physical challenge. This level requires a high level of strength, flexibility and body awareness.

Advanced: Level IV
For those who have had years of experience practicing Pilates or
that work in the fitness profession. This is a very challenging class in every way and is meant to test your boundaries.

Seniors: Level V
For older clients who are looking for a class with a slower pace.

Rehabilitative Mat
This class is similar to introductory, working at a slower pace to offer more attention and modifications for injuries and conditions.

Personalised Programs on the Equipment
For those coming to Pilates for rehabilitation purposes, who want work with more weight resistance, or who need more flexibility in scheduling, we recommend starting with the equipment. The Equipment is spring-based, and requires power and control to move smoothly, building muscle tone without bulk. It also provides a supportive role that allows the body to go further than it could on is own

Through a series of four to eight one-hour sessions, our instructors work one-on-one with you to create a personalized program, a combination of mat and equipment exercises, suitable for your fitness goals.

After completing your introductory sessions, you may schedule regular workouts during Open Studio time. Under the guidance of an instructor, a maximum of five clients per hour may workout at their own pace. As you progress, the instructor adds more physically challenging material to your program.

Ongoing private sessions are also available upon request or at the discretion of the instructor for a more concentrated approach.

We also create personalised home programs for those who are unable to make it to the studio on a regular basis.

Contact Inf:

Edmonton Studio
10565 - 114 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5H 3J6
Phone: (780) 421-9853
Fax: (780) 421-1830

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