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Welcome to Survivor Boot Camp

1hour a day \ 5 days a week \ 4 weeks

Are you ready for a challenge to get healthy, motaved, become accountable to yourself and fit?



Survivor Boot Camp is designed to encourage personal improvement and goal achievement in a supportive and encouraging group setting. Participants are encouraged to compete only against themselves, but work with others for the very best results! A qualified instructor will help motivate you and keep you accountable throughout our 4-week program.

Activities include:
*obstacle courses *drills
*agility training *pilates & yoga
*calisthenics *circuit training
*hiking *jogging
*strength training (core, upper & lower body)
*healthy feet, shins & knee seminar
*nutritional seminar
*trainer, group support, and more!

Discover how much FUN boot camp can be!We want to help YOU achieve your goal!
Remember - GIVE 100% - GET BACK 100%

Professional Training for ..
1 Hour a day / 5 Days a week / 4 Weeks

It’s a fun, motivating way for people to get moving. Who joins? People just like you!

What to expect: muscle gain, strength gain, better sleep, gain endurance, gain more self-esteem, loose inches, loose pounds/body fat and the list goes on….

What are we about?
Survivor Boot Camp is a 4-week program for all fitness levels. Both men and women join who are ready for a life changing challenge. Our instructors provide effective fitness training boot camp style, which focuses on core, lower & upper body training, pilates, yoga, cardio, hiking, agility training, calisthenics, short distance running circuit training and more. Boot Camp promises to provide you with a fun and exciting atmosphere and most importantly, boot camp beats' working out in a gym. We also have a seminar on nutrition and diet modification as well as keeping those feet, shins and knees healthy. We are there to motivate and encourage you to do their best and push yourself to the next level.

Do I need to be in shape?
No, absolutely not. Our Boot Camp can accommodate all fitness levels. This program is specifically designed to meet the needs of inactive and active adults. The scope of the program is aimed at whipping you into shape by exposing you to a comprehensive fitness program.

What do I need to participate?
You will need an exercise mat, a water bottle (1liter), small hand weights (5-8 pounds), good running shoes and a desire to work.
You can buy a yoga mat and weights package from us for a cost of$29.99.

Why should I join?
If you are looking to make improvements in your overall physical appearance and well-being, you’ve met your match! You will feel more energized in your everyday life, you will look and feel more confident about your self plus you will meet other people like you and can build long lasting friendships.

How soon will I see results?
Performance improvement can take place in as little as three days. "Visual Improvement" can take from in two to four weeks depending on your effort level. It is common to see as much as 3-8 pounds of weight loss with out diet adjustment. Remember, everyone is different, if you put in 100% you’ll get out 100%!

What will I do after camp?
You will be assigned a post boot camp work out and will be given advice on how to continue your fitness. Our instructors will be available for phone consultations free of charge.

What if I want to take it to the next level?
We also offer personal training for those of you that need to go further. We can help make improvements to your body that are very specific and targeted.

Survivor Boot Camp Inc.
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